I Fight Against The Ninja

Goddamn I really miss the 80’s…. a decade of decadence, neon colors and crazy ass cheesy movies that still stand the test of time. One of those movies is a cult classic called “Miami Connection” which is about a crew of grown adult orphans that happens to be all Taekwondo masters that fight against the evil ninjas that are planning to sell drugs in the port of Miami… oh yeah the orphan ninjas are also in a rock band called the “Dragon Sound”

If you think the premise of the movie sounds batshit crazy then you are correct but still there is a charm to the whole thing. In the movie Dragon Sound provides some of the soundtrack for many scenes, one of their songs is called “Against The Ninja” which is a catchy song that has been stuck in my head for the past couple of days hence why I’m posting it up on this site. If you can get your hands on this movie please do so… I recommend it.

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