Agents of Chaos

It seems like ever since the Presidential Election 2016 took place it caused a major shift in the balance of order and sanity among the people of America. With all of the protests,  mass shootings and recent revelations of hollywood figures it seems like “order” is starting to become out of style… and “chaos” is being the leading movement of the new generation. It’s because of this I reflect back to what The Joker said to Harvey Dent in the legendary movie The Dark Knight:

I want to talk about this subject in greater depth in the future but for now all I’m saying this that I have a great feeling that all of the “jokers” in this world are going to use this confusing time to cause something that we may not be ready for, I’ve always seen myself as a Agent of Fortune for various of reasons… but I may need to switch over to the chaos stable if I want to prosper in the future.

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