Life’s Bleeding From Fear

One of my life’s goals before I die is to travel to at least 3 countries outside the United States, one of those countries being Japan. I enjoy a lot of what Japan has to offer from their anime, their women, their hip hop, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, all 78 flavors of Kit Kat Bars and etc. The one thing I enjoy most from the land of the rising sun is their japanese rock.

One legendary band from Japan which sold over 30 million albums worldwide is the band X-Japan. They are very well known overseas but not as much here in America…. although if you ever played a Rock Band game one of X-Japan’s songs was playable. The song below is one of my favorite songs by them called “I.V.” in which was also featured in the Saw 4 movie soundtrack. The words of this song I can relate to and hopefully you can feel the words as well.

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