Oh, You Gotta Help My Body Heal My Soul

With the mega ultra hype of the recent released Avengers: Infinity War trailer and the upcoming Marvel’s Black Panther movie it got me thinking about the forgotten and less talked about comic book movies of the past. Possibly one of my favorites is the legendary cult classic film The Crow. The movie starring Brandon Lee is all types of awesome and is in my “Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time” list.

The most notable thing about the film among most things is the brilliant soundtrack that was scored with the film. Each song on the soundtrack fits and blends in perfectly with the scene that it’s playing in. My favorite track of the film is the song “Color Me Once” by the Violent Femmes… if you never heard of the band just just me in saying that you do by looking up the song “Blister In The Sun” because I know that song played everywhere.

Listening to this song lets me know that it can’t rain all the time…

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