Future Fractured Thoughts

The main goal of creating this website was to reignite my passion of writing that I had in the past. Now while I think I’m slowing coming back to my former writer self I still have a long ways to go.  Also I created this website so I could voice my strange opinions of various of topics that are going on in the world.

It is because of that is why I have a habit of constantly jotting down random crazy ideas and thoughts on random pieces of paper so I can remember to talk about them in future blog entries. 2018 I should have a ton of subject matter to give my opinions on and just to show you all that I’m not joking here are a few ideas to expect me in the far future to rant about:

*Seriously… I Don’t Understand Why We Hate Kim Kardashian?
*Shaming Tactics (being called coon, sexual slurs, gay shame, etc)
*If You’re Black and Don’t “Fit” In a Box = A Loner’s Life
*First Amendment and Expressing Personal Opinion Doesn’t Mix
*Why Did Jhene Aiko Succeed Where 50 Shades of Grey Failed?
*Please… Can The “No Homo” Movement Just Die Already?
*Why Isn’t Anime As Big As The Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies?
*Donald Trump Becoming President Is = HHH Becoming WWE Champion
*Feminist or Femi-less
*I Appreciate & Understand Certain Things More As a Grown Man Than As a Young Man
*When Did Critizism Become “Being an Old Ass Hating Nigga?”
*What Is a “Coon” & Why Is This The New Black Shaming Tactic among African Africans?
*Seriously… How They Fuck Up the Batman vs Superman and Justice League Movies?


*When Did Masturbation Become a Bad Thing?
*What The Fuck Happened To Albums? Why Is Everything In “Mixtapes” Forms?
*Why is Rap and R&B dead but Trap and Pop Survived?
*Being An Adult Means Lowkey To Have Low Standards (Dating, Music, Jobs, etc)
*When Did Everyone Hating Condoms Become The Norm?
*Republicans & Democrats Need To Have Meetings With Each Other “New Jack City” Style
*Weed Should Be Worldwide Legal But Idiots Will Ruin It For Everyone
*Why Do You Want To Have and Raise Kids In This Day and Age?
* The Movie “Pump Up The Volume” Was Ahead of Its Time
*How Not Giving a Fuck About Anything Keeps Me Sane
*Sex Gives You Power… So Why Are We So Afraid of It?
*Men Today Want To Be Don Draper and Bring Today’s World Back To The 50’s
*What Is The Obsession About Putting Hot Sauce On Everything?
*People Love To Hate Someone Random (Drake, Kim Kardashian, Kevin Durant, etc)
*I Hate The New Trend of Rappers Dissing Rappers For No Reason Just For The Hell of It
*I Don’t Understand The Hate For Amy Shummer or Women Comics In General
*We Expect Too Much From People In The Age Range of 18 – 28 Years Old
*Successful People Get Discredited By Being Labeled a “Sell Out” or “Prostitute” or “Coon”

*Why Is It That When You Get In Trouble All of Your Business Gets Exposed Online?
*Tyler Perry Hated For Wearing a Dress Yet Jaime Fox and Martin Lawrence Got a Pass?
*People Today Don’t Know What Satire and Parody Is…
*Why Can’t You Use The Word “Clitoris” On Media?
* Jay-Z Says Its Hard To Be Black But Even Harder To Be a Woman
*People Say To “Be Yourself” But They Really Mean To “Be Like Everyone Else”
*Do Men Name Things They Own Women Names So They Feel Control Over Women?
*How I’m Sandwiched In The Middle Generation
*People Don’t Date The Right Way… They Don’t Ask The Right Questions
*Extroverts Can Never See The Plight of Introverts
*Why People Post Embarrassing Random Videos on Worldstar  Like Its Their Job?

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