Where The Road Goes From Here

As I sit down sippin’ on my cranberry flavored Red Bull starring at the wall like I’m Michael Corleone at the end of The Godfather Part II I’m thinking about my future. Usually I don’t give a shit about the future just wanting to be surprised about everything that’s gonna happen in my life, but with the plentiful unfortunate chaotic events that happened in 2016 and 2017 for once I kinda want to be prepared for the future. One main thing that is different from the past is that I have this wonderful brand new website that I can use as a tool to post my opinions on matters, express my hidden emotions and feelings, and hopefully luck up and make some money in the process.

I want to start posting other things on this site, mainly I want to start to give my reviews on things that I like such as: movie franchises, tv series, video games, podcast, wrestling and UFC ppvs, other websites and various other things that are involved in my life. I will post more of my favorite songs because I love music. I will post other random things as well such as my opinions of the fall of the government and democracy as a whole, stories of my past, and maybe post some “How To….” posts like “How To Wash Ya Ass Properly” or something like that… you’d be surprised how many grown ass people don’t know how to wash their asses properly but I digress.

I may even try to get some advertisements on this site and start a Patreon so I can earn some money and make a decent living. Maybe I’ll ask some of my friends to be guest posters on here as well to all them to express their opinions to the world as well. I’m still writing everything down and filtering everything out but I am planning for the future of this website. So lets see how fractured this mindframe can get in the year 2018 and beyond.

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