My New Year’s Whateverlution pt. One

So finally it’s that time to break down all of the fuckery that happened in 2017… or at least the key moments that caught my eyes. I literally had a list of at least 150 moments that made me say “WHAT THE FUCK?!” but for time purposes I will: A. break up the list for 2 different posts, B. only mention the ones that stood out in my memory, C. I will try to only talk about each topic within 2 to 4 sentences, and D. I won’t mention most tragedies or shootings because they are too depressing to talk about however I may talk about one or two. There are key things that happened this year that I didn’t give a shit about at all so if I don’t mention something then you know why. Now that the P.S.A. is out-of-the-way let’s begin:


*Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Beefs over Karrouche – This year stared off with stupidity a with “rapper” Soulja Boy and “singer” Chris Brown beefing over Karrouche a woman that doesn’t want to be with either man. It got to the point where they were trying to set up a boxing match… but because they are idiots and gang members got involved it all ended up not happening.


*Beyonce Pregnant With Twins – I like Beyonce as a singer but I don’t care what she does in her private life. Now her rabid ass fans aka “The BeyHive” were treating her pregnancy like the birth of 2 Jesus Christs. I’m convince Beyonce could blow her nose in a napkin and you would want to make a holiday about it… but whatever.


*The Pepsi Kendall Jenner Controversy – There was a commercial where it involved trying to solve a race riot with some Pepsi and it starred Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian Family. Now while I thought the commerial was terrible it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen yet everyone else in the world treated it like it was a complete abomination. I just the days of “Have a Coke and a Smile” are truly over.


*Bill o’Reily Gets Fired Over Sexual Harassment Aligations – Of all of the bullshit and trash that has come from Bill o’Reily and his long running television show aligations of sexual harassment was the thing that took him down. Bill was a part of the first wave of celebrities being eliminated off of the public spotlight for mistreatment of women. Bill is at that age though that he can retire, disappear and never to be seen again so in the long run sadly he’ll be alright.


*Fyre Festival Disaster – The Fyre Festival turned from being a place where rich people could party and see famous recording artists to becoming a constant of the show Survivor with the terrible weather conditions and rations of food people had to put up with. Ja Rule was allegedly one of the promoters, so him and a ton other people are dealing with a ton of lawsuits over this.


*Terrorist Attack at Ariana Grande Concert In The U.K. – Pop singer Ariana Grande was having a tour overseas in Europe. During one of her stops there were gunshots fired and many people were killed. It’s really a damn shame that you have you watch out for guns and terrorists at an Ariana Grande concert of all place. Just more evidence that the world is slowing descending to hell.


*Mayweather vs McGregor – Famed boxer Floyd Mayweather and famed UFC fighter for a very long time been arguing on Twitter cussing each other out wanting to fight each other because…. reasons. Now unlike the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy debacle the match between Mayweather and McGregor actually did happen. This fight made a shit ton of money for the Showtime ppv network, both Floyd and Conor, Dana White, and everyone else that was involved. Not surprisingly Conor McGregor lost the fight but for the money he made who really lost?


*Charlotteville Alt-Right Riot – In Charlotteville a large group of the Alt-Right decided that they wanted to “fight back from being blamed for everything “and just had a large gathering that resulted into a riot. With Trump getting elected for President it just put the battery in a lot of people’s back to lash out against the world and everyone in it. It’s gonna get far far worse before it gets any better.

Reported Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas

*Las Vegas Concert Shooting Tragedy – Speaking of unnecessary lashing out against the world, there was a large outdoor concert in Las Vegas where a guy from a hotel room with a lot of guns decided to open fire to the large crowd wounding and killing many in attendance. Just like the Ariana Grande situation it is really getting to the point where you cannot go out and have fun anymore because crazy psychopaths was to kill people for no reason at all.


*Stage Falls on Marilyn Manson During Concert – Marilyn Manson is not immune to concert tragedy, during one of his concerts this year a big part of his stage fell over on top of him injuring him. Lucky for him he is ok and is recovering. As I say this an outdoor concert recently in Brazil had the same thing happened where a large part of the staging fell down land on the DJ but it ended up killing him. I’m starting to think the era of large stages are gonna come to an end.


* The Harvey Weinstein Debacle – My god…. this man went from the most powerful man in Hollywood to the most disgraced man in the world and also he’s the face of sexual assault of women. I will make a future post entry about this man so I can go in dept about his rise and fall but its safe to say the fall of Harvey Weinstein may be the beginning of the end of old Hollywood.

End of the Year pt. 3

*Tyrese Crying – Another man I promise to make a proper post entry about in the future is the singer Tyrese. Jesus Christ this man went full retard crying and cussing people out on Twitter and on the internet in general. He may have blackball himself from acting with his crying antics. So if his character randomly dies on the next Fast & The Furious movie then don’t be surprised.


*Kevin Spacey Debacle – Once respected actor Kevin Spacey was outed by actor Anthony Rapp that back in the 80s Kevin had sexually harassed him back when Anthony was 14. Rather than outright denying that it happened Kevin went the route that he couldn’t have done it because he is gay. That statement pissed off so many people because in a lot of people’s minds that’s the worst way to come out the closet. Needless to say Kevin has been fired from everything… from all the movies that were supposed to star him…. to the House of Cards show on Netflix.


*Wendy Williams Falls Out On Stage – I’m not a fan of Wendy Williams at all, so it was very amusing to myself and to a lot of people seeing her falling her ass out on stage during her talk show. On her Halloween show she was dressed like the Statue of Liberty and apparently that costume caused her to overheat and fall her ass out. Sadly she is ok and continues to make her horrible daytime show.

Meek Mill, Philadelphia, USA - 06 Nov 2017

*Meek Mill Goes To Jail – “Rapper” Meek Mill goes back to jail over his antics violating his parole and I don’t feel sorry for him. Seriously ever since Meek cried about Drake not tweeting his album (in which I still don’t know what that means), getting utterly destroyed in a one-sided rap beef, losing Nicki and other random acts of stupidity his life has been one long “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” skit… so long Meek you won’t be missed.


*Louie CK Admits To Masturbating In Front of Women – From a lot of people’s accounts this has not been a big secret that legendary comedian Louie C.K. masturbates in front of unwilling women but people seemed to say nothing about it because he is funny as hell. When The New York Times released an article about Louie doing this a week before his upcoming movie I Love You, Daddy was about to come out it shocked most people. Just like Spacey and other accused people all of Louie’s movies and shows were either cancelled or pulled from the network.


*Mehgan Markle Getting Married To Price Harry – I don’t keep up with british royal affairs but it surprised me when a lot of black women were excited that Prince Harry had become engaged to Mehgan Markle. For those of you that don’t know who that is, she is an actress that is probably most notable for her recent role on the USA Network show Suits. Hearing the constant chants of “WE’RE FINALLY GONNA HAVE A BLACK PRINCESS!” means that Black History Month came early.


*Matt Lauer Fired For Sexual Misconduct – This may be one of the shocking news moments of the year for me…. the face of The Today Show Matt Lauer got fired from NBC for sexual misconduct. Just like Louie C.K. there was an article that was gonna be released by The New York Times about Matt being “the Harvey Weinstein of NBC Daytime” and you do not want that label.


*Lootboxes Are Getting Banned In Countries – As a gamer there are a number of trends over the past 10 years that causes strife and stress to those that play games, one of those things is the concept of lootboxes. Lootboxes give an unfair advantage to those that rather pay money for skills and bonuses instead of earning those perks the fair way. It got to the point where the release of the game Star Wars: Battlefront II that just went overboard with lootboxes was when gamers decided not to buy the game making a bold statement, Its to the point where lootboxes in games are not outlawed in certain countries…. I hope it gets banned outright.

To be continued…

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