My New Year’s Whateverlution pt. Two

Sorry for the lateness of this post but here we go. So finally it’s that time to break down all of the fuckery that happened in 2017… or at least the key moments that caught my eyes. I literally had a list of at least 150 moments that made me say “WHAT THE FUCK?!” but for time purposes I will: A. break up the list for 2 different posts, B. only mention the ones that stood out in my memory, C. I will try to only talk about each topic within 2 to 4 sentences, and D. I won’t mention most tragedies or shootings because they are too depressing to talk about however I may talk about one or two. There are key things that happened this year that I didn’t give a shit about at all so if I don’t mention something then you know why. Now that the P.S.A. is out-of-the-way let’s begin:


*Deaths of 2017 – During the year of 2017 many important people had passed away and while I won’t name everyone that died the ones that did either caught my attention and/or had a profound impact on my life are: fraud Eddie Long, Jimmy Snuka, Q the founder of the cancerous plaque of, actor John Hurt, actress Mary Tyler Moore, rock legend Chuck Berry, legendary comedian Don Rickles, legendary comedian and actor Charlie Murphy, legendary musicians Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, legendary actors and James Bond alumni Sir Roger Moore, legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory, legendary comedian Jerry Lewis, one of the greatest in the wrestling business Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, the revolutionary Hugh Hefner, legendary musician Tom Petty, cult leader Charles Manson, legendary Della Reese, popular porn starlet August Ames, and a few more.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum _AMP_ Bailey Circus Closing - 720_1484503862788_16422544_ver1.0_640_360

*Curtain Call For The Circus – Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus after 150 finally shuts down after many complaints of animal abuse in their care. This was a big victory for activists and PETA. Their next target will be the zoos mark my words.


*The “Catch Me Outside” Girl – A young girl name Danielle Bregoli made an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show because she was an uncontrollable child. She threaten the audience with the now famous line of “Catch me outside… how bout dat!’ and that phrase went viral. From that she’s now a money-making rapper in this horrible age of “hip hop” and I blame everyone that help made her go viral.


*Following Porn Scheduled For One Fall – WWE woman wrestler Paige was a victim of having her iPhone cloud hacked and had massive pictures and videos of her in sexual acts. Her hacks went mega viral and was dubbed “Fappamania” at how graphic she was in those pics and videos. Between this and all of the hollywood starlet cloud hacks this is just a major sign that people should leave iPhones alone.

O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing, Lovelock, USA - 20 Jul 2017

*The Juice Is Officially Loose – OJ Simpson got paroled out of jail after being convicted a couple of years ago. Of course the story was the same “Black people happy… White people mad”. To celebrate his prison released I ordered from Amazon the Naked Gun movie trilogy that OJ was hilariously apart of.


*The Internet Has Come To An End – Net Neutrality has been repealed by the FCC after the government voted on the matter. Now that there’s no longer Net Neutrality companies can charge whatever they want and make all types of craziness that will cause hell for us internet users. If I disappear from the internet then you know why…

At the end of this I can say that I really wasn’t too fond of the year 2017 because it was basically the fallout of the fuckery from the terrible year of 2016. Maybe I’m just pessimistic because I hadn’t had a great year since the year of 2009, after that every year has blended in with each other. Lets hope that 2018 isn’t as bad as the previous year but with this year already having a major controversy with Logan Paul I shouldn’t get my hope up.

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