The Prince of Tides

So I really haven’t been feeling real good as of late. I assume it’s the flu or some kind of cold but I’ve been laying down and recovering the past couple of days. So I turn on the television and it was on the news, to my surprise the reporters were doing a report on the latest challenge craze to sweep America… The Tide Pod Challenge. Apparently the challenge is for children to eat tide pods you know the chemicals you use to wash your clothes with… and by “children” I mean high schoolers and college students ages 14 – 22.

At first I thought this was made up and it was a skit from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah or some comedy like that but I actually looked it up and multiple people have been hospitalized and died over this challenge. There are literally tons of videos of teens looking and smiling into the camera and chowing down on a tide pod like its ravioli or something. WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE YOUTH OF TODAY?!

I hate to sound like one of those “Well back in my day….” type of people but for this instance I will say that back in my day we were only worry about having sex, smoking tweeds and drinking any type of liquor we could get our young hands on. You know what we didn’t do…. WE WEREN’T EATING LAUNDRY DETERGENT! Who are making this weird ass challenges up and more importantly why is everyone willing to go along with this craziness?

I knew it was bad when in stores they started to lock up cough syrup because young idiots were killing themselves making lean from it but now it’s gonna be extra sad once they start to lock up the laundry detergent behind a glass wall only for a store employee with a key to get it for me after I show my I.D…. what part of the game is this? The youth is suppose to be the future… but at this rate everyone is going to die with their breath smelling zest fully clean… SMH.

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