What The Hell Was That?!

Growing up as a loner I spent much of my childhood and adolescence in my room. Now I could write tons of entries about how that may have messed me up mentally (and I probably will make those entries) but the one good thing about being all by my lonesome is that it gave me a chance to watch a ton of television. As a result I’ve seen thousands of televisions shows and millions of movies. I’m no qualified expert… but I do feel that I can give quality opinions when it comes to anything cinema or show related.

Like all things with the good there along with it is the bad. I do have my pet peeves and certain tropes that I JUST CAN’T STAND when I constantly see them activated in tv shows and movies. With the creation of this website I am allowed to express myself fully so along with my opinions of entertainment I deem as good I will also express my anger and hatred of: lazy writing, bad writing, unnecessary tropes, terrible characters and etc. in which I dubbed “Entertainment Peeves”… and trust me I have a lot of peeves in the world of entertainment.

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