How Hip Hop Was Sabotaged

I grew up on hip hop, it is a very major part of my life. I see hip hop like my mother: there to lift me up when I’m down and to tell me stories about life and how to improve. In my opinion 80’s and 90s hip hop was the best and in its purest form, but ever since 2004 with the introduction of “trap rap” hip hop has been going down a sharp decline quality wise, value wise and legacy.

Hip hop today I really don’t recognize it, today’s hip hop feels like my mother if she had become a freebased crack user…. a sad fragile embarrassing shell of itself. In my opinion there were many things that lead to the downfall of hip hop and out of the reasons there where 10 things that did the most damage:

  1. Social Media and the lost mystique
  2. Autotune
  3. Lean and other various drugs
  4. Multiple mixtape releases a year
  5. Soulja Boy and getting contract deals with YouTube
  6. Mumble Flows and not using words to rap
  7. The “No Homo” Movement
  8. Terrible hip hop fashion
  9. Constant disrespect to the veteran rappers
  10. Music Streaming and the death of cds

I will go into more descriptive details of each reasons in future “Straight Up Rants” entries  and trust me I have lot to say about each reason. You know its sad that a random bum like myself could become a hip hop superstar if I just followed the bare minimum of the rules since standards are so low in current hip hop today.

As long as I have my Wu-Tang Clan and Jay-Z cds I can live to see another day… but everytime I see these half retarded all tatted up in the face codeine sippin’ “hip hop artists” on tv or on the radio I mourn the beautiful genre that was once known as hip hop.

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