So Don’t Tell Scotty

Someone asked me recently what is the greatest diss track of all time. I believe they were expecting me do give an answer like “Hit’em Up” by 2Pac or something recent like “Back To Back” by Drake but no I gave him an answer he didn’t expect…. the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know” by Lustra. The song is off of the movie Eurotrip which was kinda a spin-off of the previous movie Road Trip starring Tom Green.

In my opinion both movies are very underrated and doesn’t get the credit they deserve probably because both Road Trip and Eurotrip came out during the American Pie Trilogy and during the tail end of the classic coming of age teen movies from the 80’s to late 2000’s before they started to get heavily watered down.

The song “Scotty Doesn’t Know” plays a role in the plot of the movie so I won’t give that away but I will say even though the band Lustra performs the song actor Matt Damon makes an uncredited cameo to perform the song in the movie. This kids is what the term “being a savage” looked and sounded like back in the good days.

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