Gauntlet of Life & Death

On April 23 of this year the long-awaited movie Avengers: Infinity War will finally premier. The whole Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been built up since first Iron Man movie had the one long-term goal…. the arrival of Thanos and the assembly of the Infinity Gauntlet. Anyone that is fans and/or has read The Infinity Gauntlet comics knows what’s about to go down but for those that hadn’t read the comics let me tell you one thing…. death of superheroes will happen.

Not to really spoil anything but if the Infinity War movie and the sequel that will come out in 2019 follow the comics then Thanos will activate that Gauntlet and your favorite superheroes will die…. but not all. Since I know that Marvel Studio won’t recreate the comic storyline 100% the real question I ask is which heroes will live and which will survive? Now I’m not heavily pondering this like most people pondered who Negan was gonna kill on Walking Dead show… but still the thought remains in my head.

So I want to give my guesses on the fates of the members of The Avengers since this movie may very well be the last time the full team assembles together. I want to note that I’m only gonna speculate on main core Avengers members and a few reoccurring characters from the movies… I am NOT gonna review everyone because that will be too many characters to talk about and I’m lazy… plus characters like Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan I really don’t care about. So with that being said… let’s begin:

  • Iron Man – He will live. I believe that one of the main 3 founding members of The Avengers will survive and since Tony started this cinematic universe he will be there all the way to the end.
  • Captain America – He will die. I imagine Steve Rogers going out and dying like the soldier that he was trained to be.
  • Thor – He will live. Thor will survive and become one of the people that helps rebuild civilization.
  • Black Widow/Hawkeye – One will live and one will die. I can’t imagine both the non-superpowered members of The Avengers surviving. One will die and that death will motivate the other to survive.
  • Nick Fury/Maria Hill – One will live and one will die. One of these two will have to survive to run S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Ant-Man & The Wasp – Both will live. Both have a movie coming up so they are surviving.
  • Spider-Man – He will live. The new Spider-Man is popular with everyone so he will be sticking around for a while.
  • Hulk – He will live. Hulk is too tough to kill.
  • Doctor Strange – He will live. I can imagine Stephen Strange being a key part of figuring out how to stop the war so he will survive.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – At least 2 memebers will die, the rest will live. The Guardians have another movie coming out so they won’t all die… but I can see a surprise death among them for shock value.
  • Loki – He will die. I can imagine Loki sacrificing himself on some redemption moment.
  • Black Panther – He will live. Black Panter ain’t going nowhere, he damn sure getting a sequel movie.
  • Winter Soldier – ???. Bucky Barnes is the true mystery to me on how he will be portrayed… he will be the most interesting to watch.
  • War Machine – He will die. I can imagine Rhodey dying to give Stark that emotional clairty to end Thanos for good.
  • Scarlet Witch – She will die. I can imagine herself going all out and over exerting herself in the process which will be deadly for her.
  • Vision – He will live. I can imagine Vision somehow surviving and mourning the death of his bae.
  • The Collector – He will live. The Collector may know more about Thanos than anyone and possibly play a key roll in stopping him.
  • Black Falcon – He will live. If War Machine dies then Falcon lives…. they are not gonna kill off all the black people in the movie, Marvel don’t want that backlash.
  • Agent Coulson – He will live. If Coulson can die and return once before he can do it again somehow.
  • The Defenders – They may not appear. I doubt any of the Netflix Marvel characters show up but it would be cool if Luke Cage did make an appearane.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – If appear at least 3 memebers will die. If Coulson appears then it’s possible that characters from the tv show appear with him… but some will die just to create storylines for the next season.
  • Heimdall – He will die. Stringer Heimdall probably will go out just like he did on Thw Wire… the game is the game.

If I have left anyone off  my list then they are a surprise factor to me. Once the movie comes out and after we all watch the film at least 4 times each come back to this list and see if I was right or not. This will be the war that will end all wars… from now til’ infinity.

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