Gradually, I’m Dying Inside

Today’s music scene is a very sad state of affairs. It’s really only 5 genres of music that is popular today: Country, Pop, Mumble Ignorant Trap, The soft acoustic music that plays in Starbucks and elevators, and Drake (because somehow Drake makes so much music and gets billions of music streams that he’s in his own category) and everything else is pure garbage.

Back in the days there were two great music genres that were the greatest: hip hop and R&B. Both genres on their own were pure greatness to listen to but every now and then you had a collaboration of hip hop artists and R&B artists whenever that happened something wonderful would be produced. For example this gem of a song “Breakdown” by Mariah Carey featuring Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is greatness that could never be produced in this current terrible era.

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