You Are Just So Sweet Right? Wrong

Tape 3: Side A – Courtney Crimsen

A very hard lesson I had to learn in life is that you really can’t trust everyone… and sometimes the ones you trust the most are the ones that will turn on your for whatever reason. Everyone in life has their own motives, agendas and motivations in life that cause them to do the things that they do. With certain individuals for their goals sacrifices must be made and whether is something personal that they sacrifice or whether if it means sacrificing someone else. Courtney Crimsen is one of those individuals that has goals and is willing to do what it takes to achieve them… even if it means using people, lying to people, or throwing them under the bus… and she does this all with a smile. Courtney is a complex individual in the sense that she is kinda portrayed differently in both the book and the show but one thing is the same for both versions…. Courtney Crimsen is a two-faced bitch.

To sum up Courtney’s tape I have to break it down twice because of the different portrayals. Both in the book and the show Courtney was the classmate of Hannah that Hannah became friends with during her saga with stalker ass Tyler. Courtney being interested in helping Hannah decides to go to Hannah’s house to help catch her stalker. In the book Courtney creates a “lesbian scenario” that helped Hannah discover that Tyler was the one that stalked Hannah. From that point Courtney tries to use Hannah to build her reputation as the most popular girl at school. Courtney coerced Hannah into taking Courtney to a party where Courtney talks about the made up “lesbian scenario” story to everyone making the “slut” rumors even more damning to Hannah’s reputation. Being fed up with Courtney’s two-faced ways Hannah leaves her at the party effectively ending their friendship.

In the book while Courtney was portrayed as a party girl that was popular with the boys in the show Courtney was portrayed as a highly smart student that was a low-key lesbian that had 2 gay dads that she tried to keep all a secret. At Hannah’s house the “lesbian scenario” was instead of Courtney making out with Hannah with Tyler snapping a blurred image of the make out session. When Hannah confronted Tyler about his stalking out of anger he anonymously  released the blurred pictured to the students of the school with nobody knowing the identity of the girls on the picture. At a school dance with the jocks almost figuring out that Courtney was one of the pic girls she derails them by telling them that the pic is Hannah and another girl using Hannah’s bad “slut” rep to convince them. After this Hannah effectively ends her friendship from Courtney feeling very betrayed.

Both versions of Courtney share the motivations of having the best image that they can possibly can to the public, kinda reminds me of the Mean Girls movie in a way. One main difference is that her tv show portrayal you actually do see her “good girl” mask come off at times and see the bitchy side even going as far as pretending that Hannah’s death was all Hannah’s fault and willing to overlook the rape that happened to her… cold-blooded shit. Those are the types of people you simply can’t trust… the Arn Andersons the Amanda Wallers the Lucifers of the world because you know when they say one thing they really mean the other. These types will use you for personal gain and then discard you when they are done and unfortunately for Hannah she was discarded by Courtney as a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card. Maybe she will learn her lesson and turn over a new leaf during season 2… or maybe she will stay the same cunt that she is. It reminds me of a quote from Harvey Dent: “It’s not the face you’re give…. It’s the face you choose.”

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