How Do You Live With Yourself?

Tape 5: Side B – Sheri Holland

Well we about to go from bad to worse and what is worse than rape…. The answer is death. Poor Hannah really can’t catch a break at this party from hell. As Hannah tries to separate herself from the tragedy that just befell Jessica a new tragedy falls upon her and it happens courtesy of the cheerleader Sheri Holland. I’ve mention Sheri’s name in a previous entry but she has never been a main factor… until now. Sheri is one of the few people in the book/show that I actually didn’t hate and to be honest what she did most youth probably would have done as well..

To sum up Sheri’s tape: immediately after Hannah witness Bryce raping a drunk Jessica in her room, once the coast was clear Hannah left the room and tried to leave the party. In the process Hannah bumps into Sheri and because she was leaving the party as well Sheri offers Hannah a ride home. While driving Sheri was temporary distracted and that distraction cause Sheri to run over a stop sign. Because Sheri didn’t want to get into any trouble with her parents for damaging her car she wants to flee the scene but Hannah wants to stay and call the cops about the sign. Not wanting to deal with the cops Sheri forces Hannah to leave the car and Sheri drives off. Not wanting anymore tragedy to happen that night Hannah races over to the nearest store a couple of blocks down to use their phone. Once she gets there she calls 911 to report about the accident but the operator tells her that cops are already at that location. Turns out the stop sign being knocked down cause 2 cars to crash with one of the victims being a high school senior from their school and he dies from internal injuries.

First of all Hannah is on a major guilt trip at this point. In her mind she could have prevented a rape but couldn’t and now she could have prevented a deadly car crash but couldn’t. This does show one of my pet peeves on shows: Everyone having cell phones but they are never charged… have yall noticed that? You would think in this day and age as much as well all use our cell phones all day that everyone should carry one of those energy juice packs to plug their phones up to charge up if they are moving around but nobody seems to invest in those… well nobody but myself. Fucked up thing is that Sheri’s phone was charged up and could have made the call but she was afraid cops would trace the call back to her… but she could have at least drove Hannah to the corner store so she could use their phones at least but she didn’t even think of that option.

Sheri’s selfishness has caused someone to die but in a weird way I know she didn’t do it on purpose. Unlike most people on the tapes Sheri actually shows tons of remorse of what she has done. Sheri tries to atone for what she did in multiple of ways such as: help caring for the elder gentleman that was involved in the deadly crash and survived, tries to give Clay some pussy to ease his mind, and even calls the cops on herself to confess what she has done when the guilt becomes so massive. Funny thing about Sheri is that outside of causing this accident she was the one that convinced Hannah to go on that Valentines Day date at Rosie’s for the fundraiser so Sheri inadvertently lead to the situation with Hannah and Marcus in which also lead to the situation with Hannah and Zack… a real domino effect. It will be real interesting to see what happens to Sheri in the second season and will she be mentally capable to forgive herself for the car accident. As for Hannah in her mind everything is becoming out of her control in one way or another but the next tape she does take control and makes a decision that could have possibly changed her fate.

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