Hannah Wasn’t The Only One

Season 2 Thoughts, Predictions and Wishes

So here we are… as I type this entry we are only a couple of days away from season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. Looking back the first season had a powerful impact on the world making people have strong reactions on the topics of bullying, depression and suicide especially with the youth of America. So FINALLY Netflix decides to drop a teaser trailer for the upcoming season and it’s very interesting:

The teaser trailer had a shit ton of hidden messages and the main thing I take from it is that Clay may have opened up a Pandora’s Box of fuckery…. Kinda makes you realize why the others on the tapes wanted to keep Hannah’s death as quiet as they could. I remember last year after the first season ended and it was reported that there would be a season 2 it was also reported that cassette tapes wouldn’t be used anymore… but another form of old school media would be used instead. It had me pondering like “What he hell are they gonna use… vinyl records? 8 track tapes? Betamax or vhs tapes? What the fuck are they gonna use?” That teaser trailer just confirmed that report…. they are using Polaroid camera pictures. In this current world where everything is digital for some reason Polaroid picture are back in style and it seems this season will take full advantage of that. Speaking of they recently just released the full season 2 trailer as well:

HOLY SHIT that trailer had ton of things to expect to watch. I can already tell they are upping the stakes for this one and rightfully so. From the trailer these are the things I am questioning:

Clay’s Madness –  After the journey Clay had to go through last seasons looks like he’s forced to go down another dark road to expose the light on another mystery. Clay also seems like he will he haunted/motivated by an image of Hannah like Dexter Morgan with his dead father. It was revealed last season that Clay used to be on medication and therapy… he may need to get back on those.

The Polaroids of Truth – The big mystery seems like someone talking Polaroid pictures of moments that exposes the truth about things and according to the trailer Hannah wasn’t the only one that was getting fucked over. The obvious person would be Tyler since he’s a photographer…. HOWEVER Tyler has expensive SLR cameras… he’s not using polaroid cameras so it will be interesting on how these pictures will play out in the overall theme of this season.

The People v. Bryce – Bryce’s fuckery may come to light… although something tells me most people knew about Bryce already but it seems like he may get his comeuppance but it will NOT be easy at all. Now that Bryce is aware of Hannah’s tapes thanks to Justin he may use his money and status to build a guard around him.

The Ballad of Gay Tony – While Tony was an important minor character last season looks like he will have his own arc of going through some things this season. Can Tony remain cool, calm, and collected like his did last season?

All The Kids With The Pumped Up Kicks – What the fuck is Tyler gonna do with those guns? A ton of people are expecting the show to have a school shooting with Tyler being the culprit. He may… or he may just go after specific people off school property to remain one step ahead.Unlike most people this season Tyler is an island among himself with no loyalty to anyone: all the jocks and cool kids bully him and the other names on the lists look down on him due to him being a stalker. Tyler is the true “wild card” of this season, he is liable to do anything.

Dear Mama – Now that Hannah’s parents have a digital copy of the tapes how will they respond? Hannah’s mama specifically looks like she will go off on the deep end of crazy on getting vengeance on her daughter’s death.

Oh My Darling Valentine – Marcus I’ve been thinking about recently. Originally I thought that what he did was fucked up but was just an asshole compared to the other serious shit other people had committed. The other day I said to myself “Marcus planned on trying to fuck Hannah whether she wanted to or not because of her “slut” reputation, only reason he stopped is because she screamed for him to stop in a public setting.” which had me thinking 2 things. 1. Had they been not at Rosie’s but somewhere private would Marcus had stopped when Hannah begged him to? 2. The trailer showed Clay holding a Polaroid with the words “Hannah wasn’t the only one” and we think about Bryce having other rape victim…but what if that polaroid wasn’t talking about Bryce? What if Marcus was a rapist just like Bryce is? It would explain a couple of things I questioned about Marcus last season.

I question why Marcus who was portrayed as an honor student was always hanging around with the jocks… never made sense to me. Also looking back both Marcus and Justin TRIED THEIR DAMNDEST to prevent Clay from releasing the tapes but at least with Justin he was trying to protect Jessica so that was kinda understandable…. What was Marcus so scared of he trying to protect? Marcus even went so far as to planting drugs on Clay and called an anonymous tip to get Clay in trouble with the cops to discredit him… why would he do that? Hell back when Clay went to Tyler’s house on episode 4 Marcus was there to “friendly” confront Clay about the tapes. I got a huge feeling that Marcus will probably be exposed on some serious shit… I’m hope I’m wrong but all the hidden signs are there to put him on the same boat at Bryce.

I can’t wait to watch season 2 and most likely later in the year I will get around to reviewing season 2. I just hope they don’t turn Hannah into a villain or make Clay totally crazy from all of the stress. There is no book for us to reference to so anything is possible and expect the unexpected from this point forward.

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