Rejudging: Onions

So today I bought myself a hamburger from Carls, Jr which is my second time in my life I’ve been there and as I was eating it I realize there were a lot of onions in the burger… and it tasted good. I like onions in my food, they taste good but this was never always the case. As a kid I HATED onions, I avoided them at all cost. I was like that for the first 20 years of my life. Then one day there were onions in my food unbeknownst to me… and when I realized they were there I surprisingly enjoyed them.

Maybe my palate had grown since I became an adult but I instantly add onions as much as I can. I always have onions on my burgers, I add them to my tuna fish, I add them to my hot dogs and etc. As a kid I only ate the fried part of onion rings but now I eat the whole thing onions and all. Only bad part is that onions leave a bad smell on my hands… but that’s what soap and water is for. Long story short onions are the game changer for all of my foods.

Original Judgement: Onions were a thing that I hated and I wouldn’t even eat as a kid.

Current Judgement: Onions are a big part of my adult life, there is onions in damn near all of my cooked foods.

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