Two Side of a Coin

Lately I’ve noticed myself thinking about every decision I make and comparing it to the decisions I used to make when I was younger. Younger me was reckless and not thinking about the long term, older me kinda puts thought in what I do and say and try not to ruffle any feathers. Specifically when I make a decision today I take a second and say to myself “Huh… younger me wouldn’t have done that.” Maybe it comes with the territory of getting older and gaining maturity and wisdom.

Or maybe I just hate a lot things about my “younger self” and just want a change in my life. My birthday is at the end of this year and I will officially enter the “middle age” years of my life so I guess this is just sign #1 of my transformation from “young punk” to “elder god” status and I welcome that change even though change generally scares me. If younger me could have a sit-down talk with me today… I wonder what would I say?

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