The Best and WORST of 2018

It’s been a long damn time since I posted anything and I will start post regularly again come 2019 but for now I want to post all of the best and horrible key things that I’ve noticed this year in 2018.

  • Logan Paul finds dead body in Japan forest and laughs about it
    Eating Tide Challenge
    The Cranberries lead singer dies
    The Aziz Ansari rape alegations
    Olympic Coach gets 175 years in jail.
    The XFL is returning
    No Lackin’ Challenge
    Grid Girls controversy
    Video Games are officially declaired a disability
    The Quincy Jones interview
    The affairs of Donald Trump
    School Shooting in Florida
    Trump wants teachers to be allowed to have guns
    Kevin Smith has a heart attack
    Steven Hawkins dies
    Craig Mack dies
    Toys R Us goes bankrupt
    iHeartRadio goes bankrupt
    Backpage and Craigslist gets shut down
    Conor MacGregor flips out and smashes a bus gets arrested
    TJ Miller arrested for calling in a bomb threat
    People are mad at Apu on the Simpsons
    Will Ferrell almost dies in car accident
    President Trump sent missiles to Syria
    Barbara Bush dies
    Bruno Sarmartino dies
    Black men gets arrested at Starbucks for loitering… now Starbucks is in trouble
    Kendrick Lamar wins a pultizer prize
    Avicii dies
    Verne Troyer dies
    Kanye West comes out as Trump supporter… black people are mad as hell
    Bill Cosby found guilty of 3 counts… possible jail time
    Kelis reveals her and Nas had a violent marriage
    Comedian Michelle Wolf’s contoversial White House Corospondance Dinner routine
    Boy Scouts drop the boy from title and lets girls join now
    Kevin harts best friend was the one that tried to extort him wth the sex tape
    The Prince Harry Meghan Markle royal wedding
    Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harrassment of 8 women
    Kate Spade died by suicide
    Anthony Bourdain died by suicide
    Miss America contest eliminated the evening gown and swimsuit parts of the event
    Trump kim
    Chris Hardwick
    Vader dies
    Lebron leaves cleveland and joins the lakers
    Henry caville says he’s too afraid of being MeToo’d to date
    Alex Jones kicked off of facebook spotufy and youtube
    Aretha Franklyn died
    Robin Leech died
    Senator John McCain died
    Burt Reynolds died
    Mac Miller died
    Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fight at fashion show
    Serena Williams loses US Open and throws temper tantrum
    Henry Cavill and Ben Aflac out of the DCUC
    Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 – 10 years in state prison
    Kanye West visits White House, everyone loses their minds
    Dennis Hof dies
    Roman Reigns has leukemia
    Stan Lee has died
    George HW Bush has died
    Tekashi69 debacle
    Soulja Boy Shitty Game Console
    Cardi B and Offset divorced

I can’t wait until this year is over because it sucked…. see you next year.

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