Random Thoughts: Treehouse of Horror

I’m not much of a horror fan but I do respect some of the major monsters in the horror world: vampires, witches, ghosts, etc. The one monster that I have the LEAST amount of respect are zombies and I’m baffled on how virtually EVERYONE in the world love zombies. The great and constant amount of zombie video games, movies and tv shows is baffling to me. Clay Jensen from 13 Reasons Why perfectly sums up why I dislike zombies so much:

The one thing I notice is that in scenarios I constantly see in entertainment during zombie apocalypses that the remain humans love to ban together in tribes and make camps… zombies arrive and ravage the camps… and the remain survivors move from that camp to make another camp… wash rinse repeat. Question… why do survivors NEVER create and build treehouses for everyone to live in?

I never see a group of people find tall sturdy trees and build treehouses so high up that the zombie hordes can’t get to them. I never see zombies climb anything they just walk or sometimes run but never climb. Everyone so badly want to be Rambo or John Wick during a zombie crisis but everyone could live if they just become carpenters like Bob Vila…. or maybe I’m just a zombie racist.

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