A Stand Alone Complex: An Intro

Well this has been a long time coming… hell this is one of the reasons why I created this website in the first place. Laziness however got the best of me so what I am about to do got pushed back and derailed for some time… until now. If you don’t know who I am personally or learned from this website already I am a loner, I’ve always been a loner all my life and probably will be a loner til’ the death of me… and I accept that. 

The one problem with that however is that with my loner nature it’s sometimes hard to get my point across because nobody really takes a loner’s point of view with any type of respect. So I want to break down within the next couple of posts the world through my eyes and my thoughts as vividly as I possibly can so hopefully in the future my solo ass can be understood just a little bit more… or fade into obscurity.

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