The Best & Worst of 2019

I’m not gonna lie to you… I hated 2019. Not only that I hated the past decade… it had to be the worst decade since the great depression. 2019 was a mixed bag of fuckery:

  • Mene Gene Okurlund died
    R. Kelly Lifetime movie and fake outrage and charged with 10 counts
    Gillette Ad controversity
    21 Savage actually from the UK got deported by ICE
    The Jussie Smollett hoax
    The Momo Challenge
    Luke Perry dies
    King Kong Bundy dies
    Lori Loughlin and Felicity Hoffman falsely charge in College Scam indictment
    Neverland HBO Documentary
    Rapper Nipsey Hustle Shot and Killed
    Julian Assange arrested and expedited
    Hip Hop song “Old Town Road” pisses off country music singers
    John Singleton died
    Georgia and Ohio bans abortions
    The Ayesha Curry debacle
    Bushwick Bill died
    People licking Blue Bell ice cream then sticking it back in freezers at stores
    Storming Area 51 meme
    Rutger Hauer dies
    Harley Race dies
    Jay-Z new deal with the NFL
    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze
    AEW on TNT
    Spiderman out of the MCU
    Kevin Hart serious car crash
    The Straight Pride Parade
    Hasbro Toys buys Death Row Records
    Nicki Minaj ‘retirement’
    Tekashi69’s testimony
    Spiderman returns to the MCU
    The Joker media scare
    Rise of the Incels
    John Witherspoon died
    John Legend #MeToo remake of “It’s Cold Outside”
    Man gets stabbed to death over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
    Danny Aiello died

Lets hope for a better year in 2020… and prepare for World War 3.

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