The Lowkey Story of The American Horror

This season of one of my favorite long running television shows American Horror Story (subtitled Cult this season) takes place in present day SPECIFICALLY it begins late last year when Donald Trump got that upset win to become president. Ever since that night people have been losing their goddamn minds left and right and people been calling Trump a “Cheetos Orange Clown” in the public.

Now if you look at the trailer it shows Trump winning the election then a bunch of clowns running around terrorising everyone…. which makes me think that the cult of evil clowns are supposed to be a representation of Donald Trump’s presidential cabinet of Republican.

Given the fact that show creator Ryan Murphy is one of many celebrities that hates Trump he is using his horror show to cleverly shit on Trump. The clown cult that’s gonna be running around harrassing and killing people this season will be how Ryan Murphy sees Trump and his crew running around harrassing and deporting foreigners and killing people by undoing Obamacare and other policies.

The news that Twisty The Clown will make his return is just to make us think he’s the reason why the clown cult exist and other smoke screens but really this season will be Ryan and co. voicing their displeasures about Hillary not winning in which would also explain why the annoying lead chick from HBO Girls is on this season as well.

I may be wrong but that’s just my theory of the overall hidden theme of season 7… American Horror Story: Cult.

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