Did You Do It On a Dare?

Tape 4: Side A – Zack Dempsey

This particular tape reminds me of the old saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions….” and that is how I would perfectly describe how this tape began. This tape began with good intentions from out subject Zach Dempsey and it turned into pettiness and unnecessary games. As you see the results help lead to Hannah’s descent into madness and eventual death which leads to the question…. Was it all worth it Zack? Just like the last tape where a lot of people considered what Marcus did to be minor damage there are a lot of people that think what Zack did was just as minor as well. Just like on the last tape I disagree with what the majority believe in and I believe Zack justifiably deserve to be on the tapes for: entitlement, childishness and he straight up stole from Hannah (won’t be the last time Hannah had something stolen from her but we’ll talk about that on the next entry).

To sum up Zack’s tape: as we left off from the last tape after Hannah being humiliated by Marcus infront of everyone at the diner Zack stayed behind and sat with Hannah. Zack tries to comfort Hannah but Hannah wanted to be left alone… eventually Zack leaves. At school Zack made his intentions that he liked Hannah but Hannah not trusting anyone anymore rejected his advances. Bitter about being rejected he decides he wants payback. Both Hannah and Zack had a class with a teacher that allowed her students to leave anonymous notes of encouragement to each other in designated bags. Hannah noticing that she hadn’t been receiving notes realized that someone has been stealing them. Hannah sets up a trap and discovered that Zack has been stealing her encouragement notes. After all of the mental and physical abuse Hannah has been dealing with the encouragement notes were the one thing that helped her feel anytype of love. Hannah freaks out and screams at Zack in the hallway and she runs away.

Now let’s break down the three main issues why Zack belongs on the tapes. 1. Entitlement – Zack displayed the type of man that believes he is entitled for all women to talk to him if he’s nice. He choose the most vulnerable time to talk to Hannah and when she in her rights rejected him he got mad. I feel like most men today are the same way which is one of the main reasons why I always hear women say that they don’t like nice guys because they must have hidden agendas to be that nice all of the time. 2. Childishness – instead of taking rejection like a man and moving on or understand the tough time Hannah was going through Zack instead choose to act like a crybaby taking out his anger with petty tactics. Another thing I believe men in this era have a problem with is accepting rejecting and respect the decision a woman makes… or as the old saying goes “You win some and you lose some” but Zack didn’t learn that lesson.

3. Theft – I don’t care if Zack thought the notes to Hannah were just pieces of paper HE STOLE FROM HER and from her words those pieces of paper meant the world to Hannah and were severely needed in her time of mental darkness. Who knows…. Those notes of encouragement could have been the thing that brought Hannah out of her depression and encourage her to live her life despite all of her bad luck but we will never know because Zack’s pettiness added to the road that Hannah ultimately took. Zack’s actions shows that certain men are not taught to respect other people’s boundaries and that no one owes you anything for being nice… not friendship… not dates… not sexual favors… not anything. I’ll end this entry with educational words of wisdom by respected sexual health educator Dr. Lindsey Doe that would help out all of the people in the world not to act like Zack Dempsey and act like you have some sense.


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