Digital Time Capsule of the Past

I remember really hating commercial breaks as a kid, they were just interruptions of television shows and movies I was entertained by. Recently I’ve been watching a ton of commercials from the past on YouTube… why? Quite simply its because commercials that were made in the past are time capsules of that era.

Advertising marketers typically used what ever was “hip”and popular around the time they brainstorm a commercial idea and it gets represented in the commercial they put out. If you ever wonder what was poppin’ in a certain time period of life the best way of doing that is to look up a series of commercials and let the nostalgia take over.

Below is a random set of commercials that when originally came out I had to be in elementary school during that period so its interesting to see what all I remember and what is new to me see with my now adult eyes. A trip to the past is a trip I always love taking…

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