Sin Your Dreams Away

At times I see my life as a movie and every movie needs an epic soundtrack. So I always imagined at the end of my movie whether I live happily ever after or I’ve lost everything and left for dead the song “Algiers” by The Afghan Whigs will play during the closing credits. I’ve always loved this song and the tone matches perfectly to describe my so called life. In fact there’s a YouTube comment under this video that sums this song up the best way possible:

“This is music that you listen to as you look at a blood-red sunset on a black horse and turn to wave goodbye to your lover, because you’re an outlaw, and an outlaw has to be alone. And as you cry silent tears you wave a gentle wave, and then ride into the unknown desert that’s ahead as you try to comfort yourself by remembering that you didn’t choose this life, it chose you.”

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