You Suck-diddly-uck, Flanders

From all of the television shows I’ve watched in my lifetime other than wrestling the show that I’ve watched the longest is The Simpsons. I’ve watched since the Tracey Ullman Show and I’ve watched all 29 seasons of the show. I take pride that I never missed a season which is why I look down upon people who stopped watching the show and act all high and mighty because of it. There is a podcast called Talking Simpsons in which 2 guys talk and break down each episode and revealed hidden meanings to scenes that went over my head as a young viewer.

One thing that bothered me about the podcast was that recently they talked about the episode where the death of Maude Flanders and they were droning on about how sad it was and that really baffled me… had me like “Wait…. There are actually fans of this boring shitty character?” Seriously Maude Flanders sucked and I couldn’t believe that people cared about that character. As much as I love this show there are a handful of characters that I just cannot stand which is why I’m presenting to you all my list of “The Top 5 WORST Characters of The Simpsons”… these are my most hated characters that ruins the show for me:


  1. Frank Grimes – Frank Grimes was a straight up crybaby punk bitch. They portrayed him as a man that had to go through life the hard way… like I was supposed to feel sympathy for him. Then his ungrateful hass rejected Homer as Homer tried to make friends with him. Frank’s ass proceeded to unjustly blame all of his problems on Homer and gets mad at everyone for being friends with Homer…. straight hater shit.The episode ends with Frank being a dumbass and dying because of it and in my opinion he deserved his horrible death. I never got the popularity of Frank Grimes because to me he was a player hater and a crybaby so fuck Frank Grimes.


  1. Patty & Selma – Patty and Selma are disgusting ugly ass women that smokes and bitches and moans all day everyday. Homer married into the wrong family because ever since he met Marge he got shitted on my Patty and Selma for no reason and that’s been the case ever since. To me Patty and Selma represents the ugly single chicks that are bitter and spend all of their time hating on people in relationships hence why they constantly talk shit to Homer to Marge at all times. Patty and Selma can go crawl back under the troll bridge where they belong.  


  1. The Flanders Family – I can’t stand NONE of the Flanders family which is why I get so much joy when Homer shits on them constantly. The Flanders represents that arrogant holier than tough uber religious family that are the most blandest killjoys and LOVES to be up all in your business just so they can judge you for no damn reason getting on your nerves all the time. Rod and Todd are weiner kids that will never get respect. Maude dying meant nothing to me. Ned is annoying as fuck… he does have certain moments of hilarity but overall can jump off a cliff. Ovderall the Flanders family suck-dillity-uck.


  1. Marge Simpson – I never liked Marge from the very beginning. Marge has no character but nagging. She’s a stay at home wife with: no friends, no hobbies, and nothing that stands her out. Not only that she is a major killjoy, everytime the family wants to have fun she cock-blocks everyone from having a good time. Honestly Homer ruined his life by impregnating her because he’s stuck with her and her terrible family. I would have put her as #1 but there is someone that’s even worse than her…..


  1. Lisa Simpson – I CAN NOT STAND THIS KNOW IT ALL BITCH! Everytime the family is gonna come up on some lucky streak she ALWAYS ruins in on some stupid moral shit. Just like Marge she has no friends and for some reason there are tons of episodes that are all about her having no friends. Lisa is one of those people that believes that whatever she does on believes in his 100% right and nags everyone to be like her…. But nobody wants to be like her at all. Plus she always sticks her nose in everyone’s business and nags which is why I was so happy on the episode when Ned Flanders went crazy and cussed out the entire town he told Lisa “Do I hear the sound of butting in? It must be little Lisa Simpson, Springfield’s answer to a question NO ONE ASKED!” It’s gotten to the point where if I’m watching the show live I have to mute the tv when Lisa talks and if I’m watching it on dvr I fast forward all of her parts. I thought it was just me that feel this way but if you goggle it like I have there are plenty of “I Hate Lisa Simpson” blogs out there. In conclusion Lisa Simpson is the worst character of The Simpsons and creating her is the worst mistake the creators of the show ever made.

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