Once Bitten & Twice Shy

With only a hand full of days until Christmas Day is upon us I want to share with you all probably my most favorite christmas song of all time…. “Last Christmas” by WHAM! For the few that don’t know who or what this is the group WHAM! was a mega mega singing duo in the early to mid-eighties consisted of singers Andrew Ridgeley and the legendary George Michael. I’ll probably talk about these two in a entry later in the future but like all popular singers they too made a christmas album and they debut the song “Last Christmas” to the world.

To this day this song is heavily played every year during the holiday season and have so many remakes of the song by various other recording artists notably the rendition by legendary recording artist Mariah Carey. I love this song for many reasons. One being that its just an awesome song from the 80s. The other is that if you really pay attention to the lyrics the song isn’t just about christmas… it’s also about a guy not wanting to be fucked over by a woman again so he’s extra careful of who he chooses to love. So whether you are with someone or spending the holidays alone don’t let it be the “last christmas” for you…

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